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Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer

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Introducing the Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer – your ultimate tool for consistently producing high-quality, accurate, and long-lasting professional photographs, fine art prints, and proofs on a variety of media. This versatile 24-inch printer utilizes an eight-color UltraChrome HD pigment ink-set, delivering 93% of Pantone-certified¹ colors for stunning, vivid results.

Key Features:

  • UltraChrome HD pigment inks Delivers highly-accurate colors with 93% of Pantone®¹
  • Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead Ensure consistent results and high- quality, reliable output
  • Superior lightfastness Prints on Premium Glossy Photo Paper can last up to 60 years²
  • High-capacity ink cartridges Longer print runs between cartridge replacements
  • Easy to use Clear LCD control panel and optional 320Gb hard disk
  • 12 months On-site service warranty. Optional warranty extension available

Invest in the Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer and elevate your print quality to new heights, whether you’re a professional photographer, artist, or in need of precise proofs for your work. This printer delivers exceptional results that are sure to impress, providing long-lasting and true-to-life prints on a wide range of media.

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Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer – Consistently Produce High-Quality, Accurate, and Long-Lasting Prints

Introducing the Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer, the ultimate tool for professional photographers, artists, and designers seeking to consistently produce high-quality, accurate, and long-lasting prints. This versatile 24-inch printer combines advanced engineering with an eight-color UltraChrome HD pigment ink-set and an Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead to deliver exceptional results on a wide variety of media.

Superior Color Reproduction – With its UltraChrome HD pigment ink-set, the Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer is capable of delivering highly-accurate colors, covering an impressive 93% of the Pantone®¹ color gamut. This ensures that your prints showcase bright, vivid colors, making them ideal for fine art, photographs, and proofs. The printer also features an Advanced Black and White Mode, allowing you to achieve deep, rich blacks and ultra-smooth tones in monochrome prints, perfect for artistic and professional applications.

Reliable and Consistent Output – Say goodbye to unpredictable results. The Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead, combined with an automated nozzle-check function, guarantees consistent and reliable output. You can confidently print large volumes without worrying about print quality degradation over time. Furthermore, the Epson Colour Calibration utility and optional SpectroProofer, powered by X-Rite, enable fast and accurate color measurement, ensuring that your prints match your vision perfectly.

Long-Lasting Prints – The Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer is designed to produce prints that stand the test of time. Thanks to its superior lightfastness, prints on Premium Glossy Photo Paper can last a minimum of 60 years². You can be certain that your creations will remain vibrant and true-to-life, preserving your artistic vision for generations to come.

User-Friendly and Cost-Effective – Every aspect of the Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer has been thoughtfully designed to maximize ease of use and efficiency. The clear LCD control panel and menu simplify media changing and printer operation. The choice between 350ml and 700ml individual ink cartridges allows for longer print runs between replacements, reducing downtime and cost. Additionally, an optional 320Gb hard disk offers convenient job storage on the printer, freeing up your computer’s resources.

Versatility and Compatibility – The Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer supports various paper formats, including A1, A2, A3+, A3, A4, 17″, and 24″, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re printing large photographs, fine art prints, or professional proofs, this printer has you covered. It is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Conscious – The Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer is not only powerful but also energy-efficient. It consumes only 65 Watts during operation and as little as 0.5 Watt in Power Off mode, helping you reduce energy costs and minimize environmental impact.

Invest in the Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer, and take your print quality to new heights. This advanced, user-friendly printer delivers exceptional results with accuracy, reliability, and long-lasting performance, making it the perfect choice for professionals who demand nothing but the best. Whether you’re creating breathtaking photographs, stunning fine art prints, or precise proofs, the Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Photo Printer and Proofer will exceed your expectations and unleash your creative potential.

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1. – PANTONE® is the property of Pantone LLC. 93% coverage of PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE solid coated palette based on Epson Proofing Paper White Semimatte printed with Epson printer driver at 2880x1440dpi. PANTONE coverage may vary when printed with a third-party RIP.
2. – Figure is an estimate based on the standard for the measurement of JEITA CP-3901A:
3. • Glossy paper (A4 size)
4. • Temperature 23°C
5. • Humidity 50%

Weight144 kg
Dimensions667 × 1365 × 1218 mm


Printing Method

Epson TFP PrecisionCore printhead

Ink Technology

Ultrachrome® HD


Light Black, Light Light Black, Photo Black, Matte Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Yellow, Vivid Magenta, Vivid Light Magenta

Nozzle Configuration

360 Nozzles Black, 360 Nozzles per Color

Minimum Droplet Size

3.5 pl, With Variable-Sized Droplet Technology

Ink tank capacity

700 ml

Printing Resolution

2,880 x 1,440 DPI

Print Margins Sheet Media

Mode 1: 3 mm (top), 3 mm (right), 14 mm (bottom), 3 mm (left)

Compatible Paper Thickness

0.08 mm – 1.5 mm

Paper Formats

A1, A2 (42.0×59.4cm), A3+, A3 (29.7×42.0 cm), A4 (21.0×29.7 cm), 17", 24", User defined, B2 (51.4×72.8 cm), B3, B4



Borderless printing on

10 inches, 11.81 inches, 12.95 inches, 15.98 inches, 17.01 inches, 20.28 inches, 23.39 inches, 24.02 inches

Power consumption

65 Watt, 19 Watt (economy), 2 Watt (standby), 0.5 Watt (Power off)

Supply Voltage

AC 100 V – 240 V, 50 Hz – 60 Hz

Product dimensions

1,365 x 667 x 1,218 mm (Width x Depth x Height)

Product weight

144 kg

Sound Power

Operation: 6.5 B (A)

Noise Level

Operation (Roll): 47 dB (A)


Printer: 1 GB

Media Handling

Fine Art, Roll Paper, Thick Media Support

Compatible Operating Systems

Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (32/64bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP



Optional Software & Solutions

Epson Cloud Solution PORT


12 months On-site service, Optional warranty extension available